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National Grid Electricity Distribution Data Challenge 3: Estimating Missing Across a Distribution Network Hierarchy

This is the final of three National Grid Electricity Distribution (NGED) short data challenges! The aims of these challenges include:

  1. Demonstrating the value in making data openly available

  2. Increasing the visibility of some of the challenges network operators face

  3. Increase the understanding of the different ways to tackle some of these problems

  4. Providing high quality and accurate benchmarks with which to enable innovation and research

This final challenge is a unique spin on the traditional missing data problem which considers different scenarios for missing data across the hierarchy of a distribution network (Primary up to grid supply point). Traditional missing data problems typically focus on an isolated time series and often require imputation approaches based on local measurements. In this challenge, we are asking participants to utilise monitoring data across the network (as well as weather and other publicly available data) to solve various missing data scenarios which extend the problem to situations where multiple connected substations may lose data.

All the slides from the kick-off and other information can be found on the LinkedIn group and the recording from the kick-off event will be uploaded shortly after the event.

Data Files

Name Format Last Changed Download
Phase 1 zip
2 years ago
Phase 2 zip
2 years ago
True Values zip
2 years ago

Additional Info

Field Value
Uploaded Date March 11, 2022, 14:34 (UTC)
Creator National Grid Electricity Distribution
Rights NGED Open Data Licence
Contributor Digitalisation & Data
Identifier ODC3
Language EN

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