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Data Groups


This group includes data relating to connections to the distribution network, such as the Embedded Capacity Register, low carbon technology, new connections and smart metering data.


This data group includes historic data and real time electricity demand


Data sets related to network flexibility requirements and zones, trades, procurement and dispatch information.

Future Energy Scenarios

Future Energy Scenarios represent a range of different, credible ways to decarbonise our energy system as we strive towards the 2050 target. FES has an important role to play in stimulating debate and helping shape the energy system of the future.


Innovation is core to our business strategy. We always seek to find better ways of working. We have adopted many innovative ideas into day to day operations that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way we deliver our services to customers.

System and Network

Information and data related to network assets and system operation; for example the various Long Term Development Statement tables.

Popular Datasets
New Datasets
  • CMZ Load Forecast - Last 31 Days

    This dataset uses statistical models to forecast the load flows of Constraint Management Zones. Forecasts are produced every day and data is provided for each half-hour period up to 31 days ahead. The figures represent load unmasked of large...

  • GSP Technical Limits

    The GSP Technical Limits dataset provides a view of the current technical power limits for the National Grid Electricity Distribution GSPs. This is aligned with Appendix G, so when these datasets are combined, it should provide a comprehensive...

  • Flexibility – Archive

    Overview Data files that have been superseded and/or are no longer in active use. Data The datasets below are historical and have since been superseded. For the latest flexibility data, please go to one of the following pages: Flexibility –...

  • Flexibility – Reports

    Overview This section of the Flexibility Group focuses on making available regularly produced reports containing procurement and dispatch data. Data The Procurement_Report.csv file contains information on the amount of flexibility we have procured...

  • Flexibility – Trades Data and Results

    Overview This dataset contains information on what we will look to put forward in our upcoming trades, with the aim to provide more visibility ahead of the actual trade opportunities. For general Constraint Management Zone (CMZ) information and...