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  • LV Load Monitor Data

    Monitoring data from a subset of individual LV substations within NGED licence areas.
  • Live Power Cuts

    You can see a live-map of all power cuts and problems in the National Grid Electricity Distribution area here. You can call 105 to report or get information about power cuts in...
  • Distribution Substations

    This dataset provides the distribution substations within NGED's four licence areas and their connection to the primary substation. A distribution substation is an electrical...
  • Aggregated Smart Meter Data - LV Feeder

    All DNOs are required by licence condition to comply with Ofgem’s Data Best Practice (DBP) Guidance. The DBP Guidance was updated by Ofgem on 7th August 2023, and the DBP...
  • Rota Load Disconnection

    The Electricity Supply Emergency Code (ESEC) describes steps which the UK Government could take to deal with a civil or electricity supply emergency, and the actions which...
  • Network Capacity

    Data used to visualise the capacity for the connection headroom of demand and generation on to Bulk Supply Point and Primary substations, including key asset ratings and...
  • Transformer Data

    Electrical parameters of transformers for all licence areas.
  • Primary Substation Location (Easting / Northings)

    This dataset provides the location of primary, bulk supply (BSP) and grid supply (GSP) substations in the National Grid distribution network.
  • Reinforcement

    NGED Reinforcement of work currently planned on the EHV system and above.
  • Historic Transformer Voltages

    Voltages at half-hourly granularity for all transformers at GSP, BSP & Primary level across South West, South Wales, East Midlands & West Midlands, between April 2019 -...