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  • Transformer Data

    Electrical parameters of transformers for all licence areas.
  • Spatial Datasets

    Since 2016, National Grid Electricity Distribution have developed an approach to geographically map areas of our network. These are defined an Electricity Supply Areas (ESA)....
  • Primary Substation Location (Easting / Northings)

    This dataset provides the location of primary, bulk supply (BSP) and grid supply (GSP) substations in the National Grid distribution network.
  • Reinforcement

    NGED Reinforcement of work currently planned on the EHV system and above.
  • Historic Transformer Voltages

    Voltages at half-hourly granularity for all transformers at GSP, BSP & Primary level across South West, South Wales, East Midlands & West Midlands, between April 2019 -...
  • GSP Technical Limits

    The GSP Technical Limits dataset provides a view of the current technical power limits for the National Grid Electricity Distribution GSPs. This is aligned with Appendix G, so...
  • Fault Level

    Fault level data encompassing system impedance, calculated fault levels and ratings.
  • Distribution Substation Location (Easting / Northings)

    Location of NGED Distribution Substations (Easting / Northings)
  • Common Information Model LTDS

    The Common Information Models (CIM) provide a complete and consolidated view of our network assets and their connectivity. The models bring together a huge range of datasets...
  • Circuit Data

    This data set contains the electrical parameters for circuits operating between 132kV and 6.6kV.