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  • Embedded Capacity Register

    All distributed generation with a capacity of 1MW or above captured in a consolidated format including generator type, location, capacity and wider key information. As of August...
  • Generation Capacity Register

    The Generation capacity register lists generators that: Are connected to our network ("Connected") Have accepted offers to connect to our network ("Accepted-not-yet-Connected")...
  • EV Capacity

    A list of the Distribution Substations, including the network referencing up to GSP and Local Authority, and a description of the available capacity for EV chargers to be...
  • Smart Meters

    There are two main types of smart meters – the older models known as SMETS 1 (Smart Meter Equipment Technical Specifications) and the newer versions that were rolled out in...
  • LCT Connections

    This dataset contains the number of connections per primary and low carbon technology from April 2017